Partnering with Save the Storks

Something really great is in the making. Our new medical mobile unit has been reserved! Our pregnancy services are on the move and will travel the Lehigh Valley offering free on-board pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and STI testing.

Here’s what a medical mobile unit by Save the Storks can do:

  • Bring hope and help by empowering women where they are
  • Help women confirm their pregnancy so they can move forward
  • Provide privacy by creating a warm, inviting atmosphere

We Need Your Help

Help us launch our mobile unit! While our unit is reserved, we still need to raise $180,000 in order to complete the build and take possession. We’re hoping to provide for the women of Lehigh Valley where they are. Not only will we be able to help more women, but we’ll also promote Bright Hope Pregnancy Support Centers to the community as a whole.

Be apart of an amazing mission & give to this important women outreach today.

Donate now!