If you recently found out that your partner is facing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed with emotions and wondering what you can do. 

Whether you’re wondering how to help your partner, what your rights are as a father, or what to do if you disagree with your partner’s pregnancy decision—all of this is normal, and there are strategies you can take to approach these questions. Read on to learn more. Or, if you want to talk to someone in person, contact Bright Hope today to be connected to one of our licensed medical team members.

Talk to Your Partner

No matter what you’re feeling or what questions you have, the best first step is to talk to your partner. She is likely feeling many different emotions, and talking to her will help you both feel better as you begin to figure things out. 

When emotions run high, it can be hard to have a productive conversation. To get you started talking to your partner, here are some talking points to consider:

  • How do I feel about the pregnancy? How does my partner feel?
  • What pregnancy option do I want? What does my partner want? (The options are parenting, adoption, or abortion.)
  • If we disagree on what we want for the pregnancy, how can we learn more information? 

While these questions can help you both get on the same page, it’s essential to approach this conversation with an open mind and heart—and to respect each other’s thoughts and opinions.

Show Your Support

No matter how you feel about the pregnancy, your emotions are valid. However, it’s important to understand that the decision for how to move forward with the pregnancy is ultimately your partner’s choice to make.

If your partner wants to keep the pregnancy, you can show your support by taking her to doctor’s appointments, ensuring she has what she needs to stay healthy, and helping her prepare for birth. If you’re worried about becoming a father or want to talk to someone about what this might look like, Bright Hope is here. We offer parenting resources and counseling to help you and your partner feel supported and encouraged.

If your partner is considering a different pregnancy option and you disagree, maintain open dialogues with her and try to understand her reasoning. 

Get Prepared

No matter what pregnancy choice is made going forward, it will be life-changing for you and your partner. The best way to prepare is for you and your partner to learn all you can about each option so a confident decision can be made. At Bright Hope, we provide information about each of your options and give you the space to ask questions. 

Contact us today. All appointments and resources are free and confidential. You two aren’t alone in this. We’re here for you.